Baltimore Magazine Readers’ Poll

The votes have been tallied and the people have spoken! Atwater’s has come out on top in the Soup and Bread categories for Baltimore Magazine’s annual Readers’ Poll. We are thrilled that the readers have found us worthy of their votes and we are thankful for the recognition in Baltimore Magazine. It’s things like this that fuel our fires and really encourage us to keep our standards high and our food as great as it can possibly be. We thank you again and hope to see you for some soup and bread soon!!

best of bmore readers poll logo best soup snapshot winning bread snapshot

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Atwater’s Pickles

Our mission has always been to make delicious, healthy food for our customers. We continue this mission by featuring our own housemade pickles with all of our sandwiches. We like our customers to feel confident knowing where their food is coming from and how it is made. Our pickles are made at our Big Kitchen from fresh produce with no alterations or stabilizers in the pickling process. No ingredient on the plate is an afterthought; each ingredient is selected for quality and composed with intention. Come in and enjoy the experience of truly traditional food!


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Serving local seafood

At Atwater’s we strongly believe in supporting local businesses as well as local agriculture. For this reason we strive to only serve you the best in local seafood. We are True Blue certified which means we are part of a program in Maryland that recognizes us as a restaurant serving only Maryland blue crab meat. We don’t believe in using inferior ingredients simply because it is easier or cheaper. Sometimes that means we must pass on some of this to the customer in the form of a price increase and we appreciate your trust and support as we continue to bring you the best quality food available. We are proud to support local fishermen and our local seafood sources. If you would like to learn more about the True Blue certification program or see a list of participating restaurants click this link: True Blue Maryland Crab Meat

true blue logo

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Specials at Canton Crossing

Our Canton Crossing location is excited to introduce its new weekly specials menu! The menu will feature special deals Monday through Thursday from 5pm to close. Each night is a little something different ranging from Half-Price Wine Night to a great deal on our amazing homemade ice cream. It’s a great weekday activity if you’re looking to try something new in the area! We also have the added bonus of a large parking lot so you won’t have to deal with the struggle that is parking in Canton or Fells Point. If you’re coming by during the day, try one of our new summer cocktails. Deliciously light and refreshing, they make for a perfect afternoon break. We hope to see you soon!weekly specialsdate night menusummer cocktails for daily dough

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Sasaki Salad

Introducing our Sasaki Salad!  This is a delicious and unique salad to spice up your lunchtime. Featuring Napa cabbage and arugula from Big City Farms along with miso roasted tofu, cucumber slices, toasted black sesame seeds, a tea egg, and carrot ginger dressing. What is a tea egg you might be thinking. A tea egg is a traditional Chinese food that is made by soaking a hard boiled egg in a mixture of tea and spices. The beautiful color and cracked pattern of the egg comes from peeling away the shell after the egg has soaked. Try this creative addition to our menu today!

complete sasaki salad edited close up corner sasaki salad

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Atwater’s Company Picnic 2014

We had a wonderful Sunday this weekend celebrating our staff and our many accomplishments over the past year. We look forward to our company picnic every year, and this year was no exception. Lines were painted, the dodge balls were set, and the tournament for the trophy commenced. Our dodgeball tournament is a highly contested and coveted event with many bragging rights associated with victory. We also participate in watermelon and pie (blind folded!) eating contests that can get pretty serious and pretty messy. Our picnic is a way to thank our staff as well as meet new people from all of our locations and bring us closer as a team. Families are always welcome and it’s wonderful meeting parents, kids, significant others, and even the dogs of some our staff members! While food is certainly one of the top things we do best, creating a fun, happy, and proud staff is our top priority. So we thank this staff that we feel incredibly lucky to be a part of and we look forward to many more picnics to come! cville staff photo from party watermelon eating contest watermelon eating 2 pie eating dodgeball in action watching dodgeball more dodgeball winner watermelon eating

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Celebrate Dad!

Father’s Day is this Sunday June 15th! Celebrate Dad with one of these dapper bow tie cookies from Atwater’s. Dad doesn’t have a sweet tooth? No worries, we also feature excellent savory sides available to order that go great with grilling! And if you can’t decide there’s always the gift card option. Use it on our homemade ice cream, dinner entrees, coffee, or a cold glass of craft beer. Whichever way you do it, Atwater’s is sure to provide a satisfying and delicious treat for the Dads in your life. We wish all the Dads a Happy Father’s Day!pastel bow tie cookiesgrilling for website bow tie cookies 2

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The Turkey Jack

The Turkey Jack has always been a crowd and staff favorite. Everyone seems to have their own reasons for loving it. Whether it’s the avocado, the combination of salty & sweet, the spicy pepper jack cheese–there’s just something about the Turkey Jack! We are happy to announce it will be rejoining the menu at some locations starting Thursday June 12th and everywhere by Monday June 16th. If you haven’t had the chance to try it yet you’re missing out! This legendary sandwich always seems to be gone before we know it so stop in this weekend to try one! Pair with an ice cold lemonade or freshly brewed iced tea for an excellent summer treat. TURKEY JACK

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Announcing Ice Cream by Atwater’s

We over here at the Big Kitchen are thrilled to share with our customers our newest endeavor, ice cream! A long time dream of our founder, this journey into the world of dairy represents much of the passion and hard work done at Atwater’s in our 15 years in business. All of our ice cream is made from scratch with ingredients from local farms. You’ll find no pre-made mixes here! We offer ice cream in a cone or bowl, milkshakes, and ice cream sundaes. Be on the look out for new additions such as ice cream sandwiches and pre-packaged containers! At this point in our journey our ice cream is only available at our Canton Crossing and Belvedere Square locations. Hopefully we will be able to expand in the future. Check back for more ice cream news coming up! caramel sundae w pecans milkshake station BSQ sundae next to menu

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Bike to Work Day!

This morning was Bike to Work Day in Baltimore! In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s a wonderful way to learn about mapping routes, meet new people, and spend some time outside with other bicycle enthusiasts regardless of skill level. Our founder, Ned Atwater, participated this morning and commuted to all of our locations with fellow rider Jack MacConnell. Starting in Catonsville they rode to Falls Rd., to Kenilworth in Towson, to Belvedere Square, stopped for a crab cake in Canton, and just pulled up at our Big Kitchen location. That’s a lot of biking! 51 total miles of biking in fact! Check out some photos below!

there they go ned and jackned listening to instructions  ned jack and tow at Keni spotting the leaders group route planning

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