The Turkey Jack

Coming soon! This crowd pleasing favorite combines the slight spice of pepper jack cheese, the smoothness of avocado, and the crunch of fresh coleslaw. We serve this gem on our Raisin Pumpernickel bread to give that extra flavor. You may be a little skeptical of the Raisin Pumpernickel choice, but trust us when we say the bread makes the sandwich. Find this summer classic on our menu in the coming week!

turkey jackto go sandy with best of glass 3


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Summer is here!

As the days get hotter there’s never been a better time to stop in and grab some ice cream from Atwater’s! Scooped for you at our Belvedere, Falls Rd, and Canton Crossing locations. Local eggs, milk, and cream. Certified organic sugar. Churned one small batch at a time at the Big Kitchen in Baltimore.

caramel sundae w pecans chocolate coming out of machine honey vanilla coming out of machine

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Golden Beet & Asparagus Salad

Spring has sprung! Enjoy the fresh flavors of our Bibb, Beet, and Asparagus salad. A true spring meal. Fresh asparagus, golden beets, crunchy pistachios, goat cheese, crisp bibb lettuce, and a hard boiled egg topped with lemon dill vinaigrette. Available on the menu now at any Atwater’s location.

smaller file bibb beet and asparagus

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Orioles Magic!

This Thursday  & Friday we will have special Orioles cookies and cupcakes available. Celebrate Opening Day with some delicious Birdland pride!

baltimore jersey hardy jersey Jess working on cookie 2 orioles jersey

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Atwater’s Sandwiches

There’s nothing more satisfying than a delicious, hearty sandwich. All of our sandwiches at Atwater’s are made from scratch right down to the bread they build on. Our Big Kitchen location bakes hundreds of loaves each week to fulfill the demand at our retail locations. Any of our pestos, spreads, and slaws are also all made from scratch at the Big Kitchen. Combine all the homemade goodness with quality meats, cheese, and produce and you get the ultimate sandwich creation. From our summer Turkey Jack, to the Spring Vegetable, to our signature Chicken Salad, all of our sandwiches are made with care and quality so that we can bring to you the best sandwich in Baltimore.

turkey jack for websiteNum Pang edited

vegetarian greek 2

BALT in cantonup close chicken salad

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Atwater’s Irish Soda Bread

The time has come once more! As the snow melts and we get closer to spring our bakers begin to churn out one of our favorite items, the Irish Soda Bread. Soda bread is a kind of quick bread that uses baking soda rather than yeast as its leavening agent. Atwater’s Soda Bread is a delicious loaf containing currants and golden raisins for a touch of sweetness. Cut a hearty slice for a snack, with dinner, as a dessert, or in the morning with jam & butter. Our Soda Bread recipe was developed to follow the heritage of Irish Soda Bread, with some slight modifications to truly make it Atwater’s Irish Soda Bread. Come in to try a slice and see what all the buzz is about.

amala soda bread round large soda bread square soda bread racks

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Atwater’s Vegetarian Reuben

The chefs at Atwater’s work hard to come up with new meals that are both creative and delicious. At the Big Kitchen, the pursuit of a new sandwich led our chefs to the idea of a vegetarian Reuben. Was it possible? Would it be as delicious as its hot, meaty counterpart? Weeks of testing ingredients, sampling, and discussion finally culminated in the introduction of Atwater’s official Vegetarian Reuben. Roasted beets & squash take the place of meat, providing a solid foundation upon which the flavors of sauerkraut and thousand island cream cheese build. Grilled up hot on our Peasant Wheat bread, Atwater’s Vegetarian Reuben is a new original sure to please.

vegetarian reuben

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Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is Saturday and it’s time to let someone know you’re thinking about them. Pick up a Valentine’s treat from any of our locations. Perhaps finish off your Valentine’s evening with a delicious Couples’ Cake or Linzer Tart. Whether you’re dining out or staying in, there’s always room for a little extra sugar. Don’t forget to also show some love to the most important person.. you! Treat yourself to some cherry chocolate bread or pair one of our heart shaped baguettes with some wine and cheese and spend the night toasting yourself. Spread the love!

beyonce crazy in love pile of cooks canton bags of cookies canton basket of goodies canton mugs and macs

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Banh Mi

The Banh Mi is back on the menu! The Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich whose name broadly means ‘bread’. As far as vegetarian sandwiches go, this one has always been a customer favorite. Beloved by both vegetarians and meat eaters, the Banh Mi is full of flavor and texture that is satisfying and nourishing. Lemongrass tofu, cucumber, carrot daikon salad, red leaf lettuce, and sriracha mayonnaise on our ciabatta. The sriracha mayo pulls all of the flavors together with a slight kick. Come in to any location to try the Banh Mi today!

banh mi 2 edited banh mi close up

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Fuel your Ravens viewing party!

Check in to Atwater’s before stocking your spread for the Ravens exciting playoff run. We have rolls, chili, gumbo, and sweet treats just for the Ravens games! Call your location today to see what we have available.

slightly side aerial macs 3 bean chili spoon in

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