Halloween at Atwater’s

It’s the season for scary treats! Stop in to any of our locations and pick some of our Halloween goodies. From cookies to cupcakes we’ve got a great selection of spirited, sweet offerings. They are great for parties whether it’s the office, school, or the neighbors! If you haven’t tried our witches’ fingers cookies you’re in for a spooky convection. Always a crowd favorite, treat yourself to a handful today!

fleet of whiches fingers 2

close up pumpkin patch

close up candle drip cupcakes

green drip candle cupcake

muffin in skull mouth edited

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Atwater’s at Johns Hopkins!

We are very excited to announce the opening of our sixth retail location at the Science & Technology Park of Johns Hopkins Hospital. We are located on the corner of North Wolfe and Ashland in the Rangos Building. Being a part of a community focused on health and wellness is very exciting for us as so much of our mission focuses on delicious and healthy food. Our hours will be 10am-6pm until Friday Oct 3 and will begin regular hours of 6am-6pm on Monday Oct 6. This is a great location to be in and we are happy to be taking root here. The menu will focus on what Atwater’s does best; great soups, healthy and filling sandwiches, and salads. Our menu also features great coffee crafted for you by our skilled baristas. We will be selling retail pastry and bread as well with our homemade ice cream to come in the future! Hopkins employees will have the opportunity for some great special and promotions as we introduce ourselves to the community so stay tuned! We hope to see you soon!

hopkins tablesinside of store soft opening lunch


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Num Pang

Num Pang is the Cambodian word for ‘bread’ or ‘sandwich’. Atwater’s Num Pang was inspired by a sandwich shop in New York called, you guessed it, “Num Pang”. This vegetarian sandwich is a delicious combination of crunchy slaw & cucumber, creamy eggplant spread, lettuce, roasted cauliflower, and a hint of lime mayonnaise. Enjoy the flavors at any location today!

Num Pang edited

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Today is the day!

simple daily dough thank you

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Our Story

As we celebrate 15 years, we look back on what got us to this point in our journey.

our story

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Thank you for 15 years!

Atwater’s is celebrating our 15 year anniversary Monday September 15th! All locations are 15% everything! We thank you for all the support over the years. It fuels our passion and encourages us to keep reaching our goals time and time again. Here’s to another 15!

post card idea 3

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15 Years of Atwater’s!

It’s hard to believe that all this started 15 years ago making just one kind of bread. But that’s how we began! Making high quality, delicious bread and bringing it to market to sell. From there we grew into three kinds of bread and then seven and then ten and so on. After the bread came soup. Atwater’s couldn’t stop there though and began making a couple sandwiches and salads as well. Today our menus feature a wide variety of soups, sandwiches, salads, and pastries.  The mission remains the same; make good, healthy food that uses local ingredients and  pair it with excellent service. We’ve begun making our own ice cream as well as jams and pickles. Back in 1999 all of these accomplishments were very large dreams of some very passionate people. As we toast to the realization of these dreams join us for 15% off everything at all Atwater’s locations on September 15th. We couldn’t have gotten this far without the loyal support of our customers and we’d like to thank them for an adventurous and fun 15 years! Here’s to many more!

announcement with colorful graphics long version website photo collage no text

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Take Atwater’s with you.

Did you know that all of our sandwiches are available to go? You can phone in an order or come in and order to go. A good day is fueled by good food. Our sandwiches are built from the ground up with our baked-daily fresh bread, local meats and vegetables, and housemade spreads. Everything that goes into the sandwich has been carefully selected and prepared by an Atwater’s staff member. We find that this attention to detail and quality is what makes our sandwiches so great. An Atwater’s sandwich is more than just a sandwich, it’s an experience. Enjoy one today.

to go sandy with best of glass 2

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Best of Baltimore Party 2014

A beautiful evening last night in Baltimore to celebrate some of the best food and drink in the city! We had two members of our staff attend; Jess our pastry head and Amala one of our dairy team members. They had a great time sharing a delicious chilled Cantaloupe, Avocado, and Cucumber soup garnished with roasted corn & pepper. They also sampled some of our jam and breads. They shared great stories with the staff about the oddly high number of pork belly dishes as well some delicious fried lobster courtesy of The Food Market in Hampden. We’re so happy to be a part of an awesome celebration. It gives us an opportunity to connect with other restaurants as well as get creative inspiration from the Baltimore food scene. Our stand’s neighbor, Chazz located in Harbor East, combined their meatballs with our baguettes to offer a scrumptious sandwich to party goers. Delicious collaboration. Check out some photos from the event!

amala photo of jess at table close up of the soup served party logo sign with jam box table spread 2

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An ode to the Scottish Pie.

Have you experienced one of our Scottish Pies yet? Have you tasted the flavors of local farm tomatoes, zucchini, and corn? Or the rich, almost gravy-like sauce enveloping hunks of organic, pasture-raised chicken? Have you felt the buttery and flaky layers of crust mingling with the snap of fresh peas and carrots? Do you glance over them and onward towards your usual sandwich or salad selection? Images of a gluttonous, casserole-like relic of family dinners passing through your mind.

But these pot pies are not your average pot pies.

Simple recipes of fresh produce, herbs, cheeses, and meats. Un-altered ingredients chosen for quality and taste. Butter, flour, kosher salt, and water. A crust harkening back to before box mixes and ultra bleached flour and instant dough. A crust whose integrity is only elevated by being pressed into shape on an authentic Scottish Pie press from Wishaw, Scotland. Tradition in its finest form, our pie press is a heavy complex metal beast that relies on the passion of our chefs and not pre-programmed buttons or conveyor belts for power. Firm grip, twist of the forearm, and some upper body momentum. As if aware of its own superiority, the dough will not form a shell unless the right balance of power and finesse is used. Almost chastising the operator for rushing this craft.

Enter fresh produce, homemade stock, quality cheese, and sustainable meats. The pie shell now serves as the emissary between the farm, oven, and you.

Baked to a golden brown the pies sizzle approval as they cool on racks awaiting the final stage of the process. Some receive a flaky pie top that seals in the aroma and flavor. Others are topped with an accent of cheese and herbs.

The pie then comes to you. The pie that is so much more than a pot pie. It is the essence of our mission to bring healthy, high quality, delicious food to our customers. It could be called farm-to-table, fresh, natural, local, and sustainable. But to us at Atwater’s, it is simply good, traditional food.

And for that, Scottish Pie, we salute you.

cheddar tomato scotch pie 2 edited

scottish pie machine 1 scottish pie machine scotland true

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